Small update

Realized I havent written in the blog for a while.
I've gotten my hands on the serie "Prisoner: Cellblock H" (692 episodes, each episode is 45 mins, from 1979-1986)
This Australian series has, after 692 episodes, received cult status all over the world. The series takes place in Wentworth, a prison in Australia. Wentworth is a high-security female prison. The women are there for all sorts of crimes. We get to follow how they got there, their life in the prison and what becomes of them afterwards. We also get to follow the staff, their work in the prison and their personal relationships.

So last 2 weeks I've spent in my armchair infront of the tv.
Am on episode 119 at the moment.
And yeah I can say that the serie is addictive.

Well thats all for now.

Peace out!


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