Heya you all!
the 9'th of March I read in a swedish newspaper about an incoming 'supermoon'.
It is to happen the 19th of March. The moon will pass the earth at a distance of just 356 577 kilometers.
Conspiracy theories says that it might bring Tsunamis, volcanos, earthquakes, storms and hurricanes.
Last super moon was just days after the tsunami catastrophy 2004 in Indonesia.
Some astrophysicists says there's no need to worry and that this is nothing to worry about.


I guess noone has missed that there's been a huge earthquake (8.9)in the Pacific Ocean today, wich created an, up to 10 meter high, tsunami that has flushed up over Japan. Most of the countrys around the Pacific now has sent out Tsunami-warnings and many beaches have been evacuated and people are leaving their homes to head to higher grounds.
According to the USA tsunamiwarning-center tsunamis can draw in over
Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and along the coastal areas of both Central- and Southamerica.
Japan warns that another strong quake may in the near future be caused to the main island of Honshu.

volcanos in the Russian Kamchatka showing signs of increased activity after the quake, reports Interfax. Karim, Kizimen and Sjivelutj has begun spewing ash up to 6000 meters in the air and avalanches have spilled down the volcanic slopes.

Is this just a coincidences, or is it actually events connected to the supermoon?
I guess that's up to show.

Thats all for now. Updates might come laters.


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