Here comes the sun!

So been a while, but I've been totally busy with the awesome weather outside!
So what's happend since last time I wrote?
Well... not much really! haha.
Been out in the sun mostly.
I've started to train a few freestyle-tricks with my dog. He can now walk about 3 meters on his backlegs and still improving.

oh! One thing I've forgot to mention, my female bunny has gotten 3 gorgeous babies! They're now 3,5 weeks old.
Here are pics on them:

Aren't they lovely? <3

The bunny showjumping-season has started aswell with satisfying results.

I was on a concert with the band Millencolin a few weeks ago. It was nice, but the sound could've been better.

Im not sure what to write more then that, so I write again soon enough.

Peace out!

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