Random stuff y'know

Soo it was a while ago I updated my blog.
I haven't done much lately really, so I guess I'll just write about some random stuff today.

First of all, I do NOT like the new look on youtube, I liked the old look waaaay better!!! End of subject.

Soo tonight I had this dream about my dog, Kiba.
I dreamed that he had disappeared 1,5 weeks earlier and that I was out looking for him and putting up flyers and such with his picture saying he was lost. I remember me and my friends walked around town searching and calling for him, but never found him.
So when I woke up, my first thought was: Why the hell am I still sleeping? I must find my dog!!!
Then I realized that he was in my bed, sleeping.

Soo what more to write about?

Well just to be casual I guess I could talk about the weather...
The snow is melting!!!! Okey I like snow, its pretty when its all white outside, but yeah Im happy that it's melting away.

Yesterday I took down all my christmas decorations. I hate that day every year when I remove them cause I'm a total sucker for christmas and christmas decorations. Now I wait for November so I can take them all out again.

Thats all for today folks.

Peace out!

Awesome weekend!

I must write some about this weekend, cause it's been totally awesome!
This friday I was at a friends place celebrating his birthday. Met several old friends and lots of old epic memories got mentioned. I just say one thing: fun fun fun!

Saturday my parents picked me and my sis up early and then we went shopping!
Bought several stuff, and lots of christmas decoration as they were on 50% sale and Im a sucker for christmasdecorations!
Saturday evening sis, me and mom and dad went to the premiere of the Swedish Idol Livetour.
It was awesome! The stadium was packed and the singers were soo good!

Here comes some pics from the evening.

Jay Smith, the winner of Swedish Idol 2010

Minnah Karlsson, 2'nd place in swedish idol 2010

Olle Hedberg, 3'rd place in swedish idol 2010

Linnea Henriksson,
4'th place in swedish idol 2010

Andreas Weise,
5'th place in swedish idol 2010

Elin Blom, 6'th
place in swedish idol 2010

Geir Rönning,
7'th place in swedish idol 2010

Daniel Norberg,
8'th place in swedish idol 2010

Linda Varg, 9'th place in swedish idol 2010

Sassa Bodensjö, 10'th place in swedish idol 2010

Thats all for today folks.
Peace out!

A late happy new year!

Well first of all: Happy new year! Hope you all had an awesome newyears eve.
Personally I spent the evening at a friends place together with her, her boyfriend and additional 2 friends. we just chilled out, played some cards, watched tv and stuff. So it was a really nice evening and we had lots of fun.

Today, as it's snowstorm outside, Im gonna spend my time with (once again) cleaning my apartment, and rearrange some furniture and stuff.
The hallway is allready done and I love the result of it.

That's all for now everyone.
Peace out!

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