First of all, hope you all had an awesome christmas!!!
My christmas was really nice, spending christmas eve at my parents place with the family, santa came of corse with lots of nice gifts, then christmas day evening I was at the local 'pub' with some friends.

Today I decided to try to make lasagna!
Done it once before, but that turned out in a total failure, but today I'm actually following a recipe instead of improvising.
It's in the oven now and this far it has gone really well. Waiting for the final result with high hopes cause I really have a craving for lasagna right now xD

Tomorrow I'm planning of clean up in my apartment. It's really needed!

Oh! One more thing!
Saw this realyl cute movie of a kitten on youtube. I know it's an old video and it's really famous, but it's sooo cute!!!

Well that's all for now folks.
Peace out!


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