Random stuff y'know

Soo it was a while ago I updated my blog.
I haven't done much lately really, so I guess I'll just write about some random stuff today.

First of all, I do NOT like the new look on youtube, I liked the old look waaaay better!!! End of subject.

Soo tonight I had this dream about my dog, Kiba.
I dreamed that he had disappeared 1,5 weeks earlier and that I was out looking for him and putting up flyers and such with his picture saying he was lost. I remember me and my friends walked around town searching and calling for him, but never found him.
So when I woke up, my first thought was: Why the hell am I still sleeping? I must find my dog!!!
Then I realized that he was in my bed, sleeping.

Soo what more to write about?

Well just to be casual I guess I could talk about the weather...
The snow is melting!!!! Okey I like snow, its pretty when its all white outside, but yeah Im happy that it's melting away.

Yesterday I took down all my christmas decorations. I hate that day every year when I remove them cause I'm a total sucker for christmas and christmas decorations. Now I wait for November so I can take them all out again.

Thats all for today folks.

Peace out!


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